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Naturally Boost Serotonin, Increase Mood, 
Stimulate Sex-Drive and Decrease Appetite!
  •  Products: Gold Shape  Plant-Based Lotion & Powder (order products below
  •  Process: commit, get into the community, crush it daily (see schedule below)
  • Prizes: $1,000 worth of prizes for sharing the most sweaty selfies, dropping the most pounds, or inspiring others (see contest below)
GoldShape Garcinia HCA Powder contains active ingredients that accelerate and stimulate the conversion of excess fat into energy, resulting in rapid slimming of body figure.  Provides extra energy and fresh feeling by increasing the glycogen production.  Stimulates collagen synthesis.

Safe, without undesirable effect and no yo-yo result after the discontinuation of its use.  HCA is extracted using a proprietary technique and mixed with a formula containing 70% HCA in the form of water-soluble calcium salt. This formulation (patented in Thailand as Super Hi-Sol) is packed in sachets, each containing 1.65g (equivalent to 1.15g of HCA).

30 packets per box recommended serving 2 packets
Hydroxycitric acid >= 70%
Calcium 14%
Other organic acids 10%
Specifially formulated with SlimSafe extra plus, a balanced mixture of plant extracts with specific properties for reducing cellulite and fatty deposits on the skin, along with valuable properties for protecting dermal elasticity, firmness and visible smooth skin. 

Ingredients Water, Garcinia atroviridis, glycervl stearate, PPG-4-ceteth-20, Benzoate Esters Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylene glycol, Centenlla Asiatica, Capsicum futescens, Zingiber officinale, Camiliea sinensis. 


Apply GoldShape Firming Cream onto the desired areas and massage in a circular motion (about 2 to 3 minutes) until it is completely absorbed. Apply twice a day after showering while the skin is still moist.

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4 Reminders Why SWEAT is Always Better
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The only one in the world that has demonstrated efficacy in World Trade Shows 
Lose an average of 3-inch waistline with one hour massage.
A study conducted on 20 volunteers who were massaged on their waistline with 175 g of cream once a week, and also rubbed the same area by themselves with 14 g of lotion, twice a day for the rest of the week The results showed that the waistline around the navel, 5 cm. above, and 4 cm. below were reduced by an average of 6.68, 9.10 and 6.90 cm respectively. There was no irritation on the treated area. The blood tests, before and after study, concluded that there was no toxicity or adverse effect.
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